onion topper mlk

Haulm topper MLK

The MacLouis MLK is a reliable haulm topper for defoliating onions, silver onions, chicory, carrots and red beets. Normally, the MLK haulm topper is attached to the front of the tractor, with an onion harvester being coupled to the rear of the tractor. This means that haulm flaps and harvesting can take place in one working pass. The MLK haulm topper has horizontally rotating blades that cut the haulm off the crop. In the same pass, the knives remove the haulm to the side for optimum results. The blade cover is spring-mounted, which keeps the cover cleaner. There is a flap on the front of the hood, which makes it easy to access the blades and easy to clear any blockages. The blades are driven by means of a gearbox and V-belts.


  1. Easy to use and maintain
  2. Standard spring-loaded hood against ground loading
  3. Good haulm removal in the wheel track
  4. Standard hydraulically operated gauge wheels


  • Rubberized blade cover
  • Hydraulic depth control with running wheels in the wheel track
  • Probes are infinitely adjustable in width and height
  • Hydraulic depth control with electrically operated probe
  • Height adjustment from cab Electric
  • Hydraulic depth control with sensors Electric
  • Hydraulic depth control with potentiometer. The height can be adjusted from the cabin
  • (LED) work, traffic and width lighting on the front of the topper