Onion PICK UP Sets

The onion pick up sets offers the possibility to load onions from the field with your potato harvester. The onion pick up set consists of a foam roller on a shaft. To the left and right of the onion inlet, receiving plates ensure that onions cannot roll out of the swath. The foam roller can pivot up and down between the receiving plates. During loading, the onions push the foam roll up, creating a gap between the first mat and the roll. The onions can then go on the sieve mats. When the onions are finished on the headland, the roll lowers again and the opening is closed, so that the onions cannot roll back. It is possible to equip a four-row potato harvester with two onion feed sets, so that two swaths can be picked up at the same time.


Good feeding because the onions are fed in immediately and rolling before the mat is prevented to a minimum Ease of work because no additional controls are required at the headland Foam roller is protected by PVC cover


 Wheel supports, for stable running of the onion infeed and reduced wear on the trailing feet of the onion infeed. Other options are possible in consultation. Also available quick release plates and header for De Wulf 3060